WEA Credit Union encourages all members to save. WEA CU offers several types of savings accounts to help you build a strong financial future. According to financial planners, everyone should have emergency savings of 3 - 6 months of earnings.

Daily Deposit Share Savings

Your savings are called "shares" at WEA Credit Union. A minimum deposit of $25 is needed to open and maintain your credit union membership.

Club Accounts

A Club Account is a specail account that allows you to plan for expenses. The accounts are designed to accept unlimited deposits. If you have a checking account with us, we can automatically transfer funds to it on a regular basis, or you can call and transfer funds whenever you wish. WEA CU offers two types of Club Accounts: the Vacation Account and the Christmas Club.

The Vacation Account allows you to set aside money for a special purpose or to cover summer expenses. With a Vacation Account you choose the pay-out date that works for you.

The Christmas Club account allows you to plan for holiday expenses. You can open a Christmas Club account any time during the year and the pay-out date is during the first week of November. Funds will be automatically transferred to your checking account unless you request otherwise. If you do not have a checking account with us, we will automatically send you a check.

Our Savings Accounts Feature:

  • Dividends that are calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Access and manage your accounts through Online Banking or with ART, our Telephone Banking system
  • Schedule automatic deposits and transfers, or manually make tranfsers at your convenience
  • Unlimited withdrawals can be made from your Share Savings Account in person or at any office. Up to 6 withdrawals or transfers per month can be made by telephone or any other remote method.
  • Payroll dedictions and direct deposit are convenient ways to build your savings