The WEA Credit Union MasterCard offers you the convenience you've come to expect with no annual fee. Apply now for your MasterCard with worldwide acceptance.

MasterCard Classic

Offers you a $10,000 maximum limit, no annual fee. The perfect card for those just beginning their credit history or those with a few minor blemishes.

Gold MasterCard

Offers you a higher limit than the Classic Card, no annual fee, and no cash advance fee!. Reward your good credit history with a low rate Gold MasterCard.

MasterCard eZcardInfo

eZcardInfo is an online resource allowing for online credit card account management. Enrollment in eZcardInfo is FREE for WEA CU credit card holders.

Using eZcardInfo you can:

  • Check your available credit
  • View your current balance
  • Access previous statements
  • Download transactions to your Personal Financial Management software
  • Make your credit card payment online
  • Change personal profile information online
  • Set alerts
  • Search for transactions and produce reports

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