Share Certificates (CDs)

A WEA Credit Union Share Certificate (CD) is a great way to keep your money growing over a period of time. Certificates are flexible, safe investments that pay you a guaranteed rate for a fixed period of time. You can choose certificate terms from 3 months out to 5 years. Your dividend rate is fixed for the term of the certificate. Many investors 'ladder' their certificates, so there are certificates reaching maturity at regular intervals.

You can vary term length to take advantage of rising or falling rate environments. If rates look to be falling, lengthen your maturities to lock in rates at the current higher yields. If rates are rising, shorten your maturities so your funds will be available for reinvestment when rates are higher.

Three and six month certificates require at least a $1,000 deposit. Certificates over 1 year require $500 deposit. Penalties may be incurred for early withdrawal and will effect earnings. For more information about certificates and investment strategies, please see a member service representative.